<42 Grab presser A machine that kneads grabs.>

New grabs are surprisingly soft and error-reduced. Pocket attachment has also become easier.

 Please email us for more information (we are a manufacturer of grab pressers)
User's manual
manufacturing process
Video of manufacturing process
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  • Manufacture of grab pressers

    Air press type 100/110V operation
    Mass: 64kg/141lb

  • Baseball glove typing method.

    Easy work

  •     whole photo

  •    Grab setting method

  • There are two types of push jigs

    Left: Standard type
    Right: Optional for deep pockets.

  • Air filter

    Use this button to drain water

  • Suitable for rubbing

    Easy to handle size

  • With automatic operation timer

    Variable even while driving

  • Air regulator

    Adjust the pressure with the upper knob.
    The optimum is around 0.6Mpa.

  • Easy typing for anyone

  • Customer-specified color (red paint)

    Optional color

  • Equipped with a 40-liter expansion tank compatible with a small compressor

    Optional auxiliary tank

【F820 specifications】
Mechanical structure: Pneumatic type Operation power supply: AC100/110V-10W A separate air source is required (recommended about 1.5KW)
Dimensions: Base 600 x 600 Height 1340 (when descending) -1540 (when ascending)
Work table: 200Φ Mass: 64kg/141lb
Pressurized pressure: 283 kg/624lb (at 0.6 MPa) max 472 kg/1040lb (at 1.0 MPa)
Start SW: Foot switch method

Installation example of grab presser + compressor + air tank (for 100/110V)

  • When using with a single-phase 100/110V outlet

    [Compressor] Refueling type, no air dryer
    100V-0.75KW Quiet type 52db Mass: 88kg
    Dimensions: Width 640mm x Depth 537 mmx Height 867mm
    Exhaled air volume: 80L / min

    [Air tank] Vertical type
    Example: In the case of 120 liters
    Dimensions: Height 1370mm x Diameter about 600 Mass: 60 kg/33lb

    [F820] Grab presser
    Dimensions: Width 600mm x Depth 600mm x Height 1340mm Mass: 64kg/142lb

Installation example of grab presser + 200V compressor

  • When operating with 3-phase 200V

    [Compressor] No oil-free air dryer
    3-phase 200V-1.5KW Quiet type 55db Mass: 133kg
    Dimensions: Width 745 x Depth 620 x Height 960
    Exhaled air volume: 165L / min

    [Air tank] Not required for the time being
    A compressor with three-phase 200V-1,5KW or more can be used without an air tank.

    [F820] Grab presser
    Dimensions: Width 600 x Depth 600 x Height 1340 Mass: 64 kg
    * Even with a 200V compressor, ON-OFF will be less if there is air tank.
    Electricity consumption is reduced

Grab presser body: We will ship by consolidated mail
Compressors and air tanks will be shipped from the manufacturer
There is no fare for compressors and air tanks in the Honshu region of Japan.
* A separate fare will be charged outside the special mixed delivery area such as remote islands.
* Delivery time cannot be specified for mixed flights.
* In addition, cargo handling equipment such as forklifts and cranes are required when receiving cargo.

[About installation and assembly]
Additional costs will be incurred for bringing in machinery and equipment, installation work, and air piping (including piping parts).
Please contact us for a quote each time.
* For consolidated flights, the customer is responsible for disposing of the packaging materials for machinery and equipment after delivery.